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Mori Lee Bridesmaid Dress Size Reviews Lixnet AgTitan sports' all-media reporter, li senzidane, agreed to take over the team in March to save the team from chaos and use the remaining 11 league games to scout out veteran players in preparation for the summer.At the same time, he also wants to plan real Madrid's diversified tactics in the new season according to the characteristics of the players.Because he is well aware that ronaldo's individual contribution to the team's goals is almost unrepeatable, real Madrid will have to make up for the loss by diversifying their tactics in the post-ronaldo era.Zidane has experimented with 4-4-2 and 3-3 centre-backs during his summer training in the United States.However, according to the structure of real Madrid's squad, the 4-4-2 can only be used occasionally according to the characteristics of the opponent, rather than as a regular play, because the team will lose the necessary back hand if benzema and jovic are also used.The three-man central defence, while liberating azhar and marcelo, reduces the role of carvajal in providing assists and pushing the midfield.Then after a period of time of groping, 433 or become now real Madrid advocate.What really surprises zidane is that his rotation policy, which has always been so handy, is not as effective as it was two or three years ago.After an unexpected 3-0 defeat in Paris and a 1-0 defeat to mallorca in the last round of the tournament, the fiery zidane could not help blaming the defeat on the "lack of concentration in the opening period" and "disappointing performances" of the group B players.Objectively speaking, and peja, omar and cavani did not take part in the champions league group stage to real Madrid, Paris mallorca at that time, still in the relegation zone, is causes the underestimation of real Madrid players, but careful analysis, can find the reasons isn't just a matter of the player's attitude, also includes the group B squad is lack of the some of the content of the "football".So, as a veteran of the rotation, zidane, what new problems in the early stages of the competition?First of all, as the saying goes, a blank sheet of paper can produce the latest and most beautiful picture.Sevilla, for example, are still top of the Europa league group and only three points behind leaders Barcelona, despite the fact that general manager monchi has brought in 15 new players for the season.On the contrary, although real Madrid's current main squad only azhar a new aid, but the so-called tail big not off, the team's habitual thinking still affects the rotation process in the level of play.An example from galatasaray: in the 81st minute, zidane decided to replace rodrigo with jovic and told him repeatedly before going on to the pitch, only to see the following scene: "let me play on the right wing?"Jovic shrugged in disbelief."Yes, you move backwards and forwards on the right like rodrigo, because we have to keep the balance of attack and defence."Zidane stressed.Out of respect for the manager, jovic had to do what he was told, but the Serbian striker, who was used to playing up front in the centre rather than tackling on the right, ended up with a formal physical replacement (rodrigo was already cramping) rather than a tactical one.Pogba's jump ticket and cross's overload, real Madrid midfielder overwhelmed.Second, the team's early season results have sometimes undermined zidane's rotation plans.Real's 3-0 loss to Paris prompted criticism of the club's defence, with zidane insisting on "defending the whole team" off the ball, and keeping a clean sheet in three league games against sevilla, osasuna and atletico Madrid.However, following the three games without a goal, real Madrid went from scoring 2.3 goals per game to 1.6 goals per game. The criticism and pressure from the public made zidane have to re-use his weapon to attack and keep his hope of keeping a clean sheet on goalkeeper curtova.During this period, zinedine zidane's approach is ramos, cross and card miro easily not to participate in rotation, but whether it's by accident or inevitable, breaking a cross in early October (and modric), make the guest mallorca real Madrid midfielder can't run up to the first world war, even zinedine zidane in card miro side planted his family, didn't also to provide decent tries to strike.Third, not long ago let real Madrid people proud of the depth of the bench, has been different.2016-2017 season with real Madrid to win the league and champions league double the main players, covers the J, maura tower, Arsenal theo, vazquez, kovalainen and pepe these top players, no matter from the perspective of the status of individual ability or at the time, they are all about than now has, pooh Theseus, rodrigo, bligh rahim ? Millie Tang Qiang dias and much more.This season, the team has been plagued by injuries, making the rotation of the group B squad constantly unbalanced.For example, in the game against mallorca, bale and vazquez are absent, zidane can only let J luo to the right "full";Zidane had to use isko at the back because he was worried about casemiro.Such a lack of talent in the game will naturally make the performance of group B players less impressive than before.The collision between idealism and reality, of course, is one of the factors that led to the twists and turns of qizu's rotation policy.But because it takes time for new players to fit in and the whole process is gradually completed by allowing players to play more games, zidane is also considering adjusting his overall strategy before the end of the year, while sticking to his rotation.That is to persuade one of isko, diaz and mariano to leave in the winter (either on loan or for sale), which would not only give them a chance to play elsewhere but also free up space for potential new signings.As the last two months of competition have shown, even big rotations do not guarantee enough minutes for all the substitutes, and real Madrid cannot afford to be distracted by big rotations.

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