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Trikot - Home amp; de Deutschland Adidas Dfb Euro Freizeit 20 Sport Herren Amazon Sane 2016 adidas DFB Deutschland Trikot Home Herren Euro 2016 - Sane 20adidas DFB Deutschland Trikot Home Herren Euro 2016 - Sane 20: Sport & Freizeit

Adidas Dfb Deutschland Trikot Home Herren Euro 2016 - Sane 20 Amazon de Sport amp; FreizeitShanghai, August 19, 2019 / pr newswatch -- after the second adidas youth cup soccer tournament, China's U15 national team for youth school soccer departed Germany with unforgettable memories and arrived in Shanghai today.The 2nd adidas youth cup football match was held on August 16, solstice, 18 at the stadium of bayern Munich and adidas world headquarters.The U15 national team of Chinese youth campus football, which is going to Germany this time, is composed of football players and members of shenhua, guoan and r&f clubs.Adidas has provided them with training and equipment to help them compete at their best against seven other world-leading club youth teams from Germany, the United States, Croatia, Switzerland, Portugal and Italy.China youth campus football leave the national team on August 12-14, China youth campus football leave the national team, according to the plan in bayern Munich club headquarters training base and bayern Munich football club youth base training, respectively, they also get a chance to live visit leave bayern Munich echelon training, there are three members in more personally involved.China youth leave the national team for the campus football competition China youth campus football leave the national team and bayern Munich leave the echelon in training after three days of learning and training, Chinese players morale, August 17-18, they respectively with benfica in Portugal football club leave leave the echelon echelon Zagreb, Croatia football club and leave the echelon launched against Basel, Switzerland football club.In the face of a strong enemy, football players are not afraid to fight, they give full play to the characteristics of fast and flexible, with excellent team cooperation, in the strength of the disparity in the case, every game scored.Although the final regret to lose to the opponents, but the players respect the rules, respect the referee, respect the opponents, fully demonstrated the good campus football style and the Chinese youth positive spirit.China youth campus football leave the national team is fierce fighting with his rival adidas believe that participate in the competition, to every football teenager's life will be far-reaching, hope they are with football powers and advanced play football club, fully experience the charm of the world's top football culture, more found insufficient, and constantly explore the root cause in training in the future, efforts to raise their level, make contributions to the revitalization of the Chinese football.The partnership between adidas and the ministry of education was officially launched in 2015, and in recent years, both sides have achieved fruitful results in promoting the development of youth sports.In July 2017, adidas, together with the ministry of education and the German football association (DFB), held the German training camp for Chinese school football in Berlin for the first time. German chancellor Angela merkel attended the launch ceremony.Last may, adidas helped Chinese youth soccer players to Germany for the bayern Munich youth cup final, demonstrating the passion and elegance of world competitive soccer.In July of the same year, adidas and the ministry of education announced that they would continue to deepen their cooperation and expand their cooperation to the next three years.In November, adidas won the title and participated deeply in the national youth campus football league, which fully demonstrated its confidence and determination to contribute to China's youth football.Adhering to the brand core concept of "we can change our lives through sports", adidas keeps increasing its investment in the development of basic football in China. With the brand's sports gene and long sports tradition, adidas keeps its long-term support and commitment to the development of mass sports.To date, adidas has supported the ministry of education in training more than 25,000 physical education teachers, supported about 3,500 students in summer/winter camps, and donated more than 220,000 footballs to more than 3,000 schools across the country, enabling more than 1 million students to enjoy the sport.In the future, through the close cooperation of various parties, adidas expects to continue to train more young players, consolidate and strengthen the new generation of Chinese football, and make due contributions to the world's leading sports brands for the cause of Chinese football.For more information, please visit adidas official website:

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