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Cheap Pacers JerseysFollowing in the footsteps of general motors and Toyota, South Korea's hyundai kia motor group has announced that it will study a low-cost car manufacturing solution to compete with India's tata motors, which has just launched the Nano.In an interview with the economic times of India, H.S. Lheem, executive director of hyundai motor India, said his company plans to build a national car similar to tata motors' for India and other developing countries, but suggested it could take at least three years.At the just-concluded Detroit auto show, hyundai kia's head of research and development, lee xianchun, also said the company would mass produce low-priced cars with safety certificates.Mr. Lee said auto safety will be hyundai's top priority.Tata's recently launched car, the Nano, is currently the world's cheapest at around $2,500.Regular models of the car lack a radio, passenger mirrors, a central lock and power steering, and even air conditioning.The car is expected to roll off the assembly line by the end of the year.In addition to the three manufacturers, ford has announced plans to invest $500 million in India to develop a low-cost car that will sell for as little as $7,000.The renault-nissan alliance and Japan's suzuki motor announced plans for a $3, 000 and $4, 400 budget car, respectively (and later announced a reduction in cost to $2, 550), while Germany's Volkswagen announced it would compete with the tata Nano.The Tata Nano is a $2,500 car with no features other than driving.2 cylinder,624 ccQQ3 China's chery automobile $5,000 cheapest car before Tata Nano.3 cylinder, 800ccm800 suzuki-maruti (Japan India joint venture)$5,200 most popular car in India.China geely automobile $5,5004, 1,300 cc car s-rv mini SUV $5,780 copy Honda CRV, small SUV all rights reserved by gasch automobile.Please be sure to indicate the source (gascar) and the author.I have a saying: comments (0) to report this person a certain trade co., LTD. New energy enterprises to a certain enterprise group co., LTD. | about provided information contact: 021-39586126 | contact email: | customer service QQ: 2569524782 motor co. 's website: about assigned | international standing automotive information | English | Chinese | information provided community) all rights reserved 2011 | unauthorized copying or mirror, ban will be investigated for legal responsibility.Value-added telecommunications business license Shanghai b2-2007118 ICP

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